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Wearable devices

When you talk of wearable devices, the reference is to the many tracking, communicating and collecting information power of gadgets. These provide real time information to the smart phone and are being increasingly used by many smart phone users. Examples are fitness bands, digital glasses, GPS enabled cameras, smart watches and medical devices.

Wearable devices provide the user with information on the physical activity undertaken for the day. The number of steps taken, distance covered, calories burnt and consumed are important numbers for the serious fitness enthusiast. Some trackers also monitor the heart rate and sleep patterns.

The GPS enabled cameras are great to record events of a personal nature for the user. The digital glasses enable a user to experience augmented reality when the device is used along with a computer screen with internet activated and the smart phone that has a good camera and sound.

Medical devices like pacemakers and insulin pumps are useful in providing real time information wirelessly to the user.

It is expected that over the next decade, these wearable devices will become popular more than smart phones. The extent and level of personal information displayed by such devices in real time is surely going to appeal to more and more people. These devices will also become affordable over time.

As of today, there are many early adapters who use them purely out of curiosity or hobby though fitness enthusiasts are serious about the fitness trackers and their usage. With improved Bluetooth connectivity and killer apps regularly making their mark, wearable devices have a bright future. The user only has to guard against any privacy and security related issues arising out the use of such gadgets.

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