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Pedometer watch

These pedometer watch devices are affordable, easy to carry and therefore also make for excellent gifts. They consume very less battery power as well. For those who are fitness enthusiasts and want to make a difference to their daily routine and get active, this Sports Gifts / Gadgets is a good first step to take.

Recent studies have indicated that couch potatoes who take only between 2000-5000 steps in a whole day can be classified as inactive. They are more likely to attract lifestyle related ailments like blood circulation issues, weight problems, weaker legs, slower metabolism and so on. They may not be aware of what they are getting into since they are not counting the steps they are taking or monitoring their physical activity of the day. One way out of this trap would be to monitor the activity during the day, which can be done easily through a pedometer watch and Fitness Gadgets.

This device is small, can be attached to the pant waist or top through a clip. It starts counting the steps you are taking through the day. Every stride you take activates the counter and at the end of the day, you know exactly how much distance you have covered, the number of steps you have taken. Some of them monitor steps covered during your run or jog as well accurately. The calories burnt and the steps taken will help you set bigger goals for the coming days and that is how weight management issues can be addressed. This is done by integrating the pedometer data with the fitness app of your smart phone. The data is synced and remains there for posterity for the user to take appropriate action about the fitness regimen.

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