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Fitness tracker

The introduction of the smart phones in various sizes, configurations and consequent OS version improvements have spawned a number of apps. This is true for both the Android as well as the iOS. These apps across various categories like fashion, health, travel, shopping, entertainment and eating out to name a few have made things easier for users to access the information they are seeking and to get more out of it. The fitness tracker app is one such health application that has become very popular, with more and more people wearing a fitness tracker on their wrist. This fitness watch provides a lot of information to the user about his fitness regimen and the progress made.

As importers and suppliers of smart watches in India,  There are different types of smart fitness trackers which we sell. Some are basic and display only time with the steps taken. Some give information about the distance covered, calories burnt along with time and steps. Then there are others which give all of the above with heart rate sensor, calories consumed, sleep patterns and they are typically more costly, but are comprehensive health watches in India.

Tracking sleep patterns is one unique feature in these trackers. The user gets to know the type of sleep he has enjoyed for the previous night. How much of light sleep and how much of deep sleep along with wakefulness are all tracked by these devices with great accuracy. The quality of sleep is thus tracked every night, allowing the user to make necessary changes in his habits to improve it as he goes along.

The best aspect of these fitness tracker watch with gps is the relatively long battery life they provide. You may have to charge the device once a week or so only.

We would be able to help you select the gps running watch you want based on your requirements in the cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi and Pune. Do give us a call.

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